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20 July 2020
The results of the republican family agricultural project "The Masters of the Village-2020" were summed up at the "Kupalie" holiday in Alexandria. The Zubko family won the "Lord of the Village 2020" competition. It is worth reminding that six families representing all regions of Belarus were selected for the final, but it so happened that Natalia and Alexander Prakapovichi from Minsk Oblast could not come.
17 July 2020
Five new ambulances have been handed over to the healthcare institutions of Vitebsk blast. Car keys were handed to the chief physicians of Polotsk, Rossony and Novopolotsk hospitals. Two cars will leave for Vitebsk Oblast Clinical Hospital.
16 July 2020
Vitebsk customs accelerated the clearance of goods imported into the customs territory of the EAEU. More than 95% of consignments of such goods are processed in less than two hours, the customs officials said.
15 July 2020
In Vitebsk, on Freedom Square, a multifunctional pavilion of Vitebsk branch of RUE Belsoyuzpechat has been operating for almost a month. Compared to a regular kiosk, this has a much wider range of products including a modern coffee machine. Customers can also use high-speed internet and charge gadgets.
14 July 2020

The grand opening of the XXIX International Festival of Arts will take place exactly one week later - on July 16th.

13 July 2020
The final touches on the main Vitebsk construction site. It also needs to install a couple of tens of meters of fencing - and this part of the work will also be completed. On the asphalt, there is already a road marking, and on the edges of the bridge there are granite pedestals with the emblem of the city. Four lanes, fenced tram tracks, ramps, a wide sidewalk - this is how Polotsk overpass looks after reconstruction.