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9 September 2020
Agrarians of Vitebsk Oblast threshed 1 million tons of grain, told Boris Efremov, deputy chairman of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee. According to the deputy chairman, three main factors influenced the current harvest campaign in the northern region. “Firstly, the harvesting was required by 50 thousand hectares more than in 2019 (almost 390 thousand hectares). Secondly, the time frame of stubble was shifted for a week or a week and a half further. And thirdly, the situation was such...
8 September 2020
During his working trip to Vitebsk on September 1, the Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko got acquainted with the the production of cable and wire products at PO Energocomplekt LLC and new developments of Display Design Bureau. Today Energocomplekt is the leader in the production of cable products in Belarus, ranks 3rd in terms of processing volumes in the CIS countries, its products are preferred in 20 countries of the world
7 September 2020
Educational seminars and workshops, performances and concerts, quests and quizzes for children and youth. All these events take place in the oblast from September 1 to September 10 as part of the republican action "One Day of Security".
4 September 2020
A youth tandem from Lepel region was the first in Vitebsk Oblast to thresh 4,000 tons of grain, Lepel Region Executive Committee reported. The team of harvester operators Leonid Alekseenko and Sergey Kolbasov from OJSC "Vitebsk Meat Processing Plant" holds a strong leadership in the current harvest in the oblast.
3 September 2020
In Vitebsk Oblast in January-June, 110.200 sq. m. of housing were commissioned, or 108.9% to the same level of the last year. This was announced today at a meeting of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee by the chairman of the oblast committee for architecture and construction Alexander Shidlovsky.
2 September 2020

Vitebsk Oblast intend to expand the network of specialized agricultural classes.