Dokshitsy Regional Executive Committee

Address: 31 Leninskaya Street,
Dokshytsy 211722
8 (02157) 3-25-10 from 8.00 to 17.00
8 (02157) 3-25-11

Main / Economy


The region’s manufacturing infrastructure includes seven industrial companies, which business profile is determined by local raw materials. The largest one is state-run Begoml Forestry.

There are two construction companies and a meliorating company in the region.

Transport services are available from Lepel Automobile Transport Company No. 14, an automobile fleet of the regional consumer’s cooperative, and two railway stations.

The regional communication is catered by postal and electric communication offices. Cellular phone communication from Velcom and MTS are also available in the region.

Agriculture is the flagship industry in the region. The industry is represented by 12 agricultural companies, 2 ancillary farms, Dokshitsy Regional Agricultural Services Company and 14 farmers.

Trade services are available at 106 shops of consumer’s cooperatives, 60 private-owned trade outlets.
The regional consumer’s cooperative society includes private unitary company Koopavtobaza, 18 public catering enterprises.

Consumer services are available from a public amenities centre and 16 complex reception stations of the regional consumer services factory.