Dokshitsy Regional Executive Committee

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Dokshytsy 211722
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The Dokshitsy region is located in the South West of Vitebsk oblast. It occupies an area of 2,239 square kilometers. It stretches for 55 km from North to South and for 75 km from East to West. Some 46% of the region's territory is covered with forests. There are the following rivers in the region: Berezina, Vilia, Ponya and Servech. There are also 11 lakes, namely, Servech, Plavno, Olshitsa, Mezhuzhol, Domashkovskoye, Stanislavskoye, Chernoye, Moskovitsa, Veshnevskoye, Medzozol, Manets. The Bereza biosphere reserve occupies 40,204 hectares or 18% of the region's territory. Forests occupy 109,460 hectares.

The farmland occupies 64,600 hectares, of them 36,500 are plough lands, 27,700 hectares are meadows. 77% of the region's land is sandy soils, 18% - peat bogs, 4% - loam soils. Peat, clay and gravel are the main mineral resources of the region.

There is one town, one settlement (Begoml), 274 villages, one town and 10 rural councils in the region. The regional center is the town of Dokshitsy located some 190km away from Vitebsk and 130km away from Minsk.

As of January 1, 2023 the region's population was 21,0 people with 6,8 people living in Dokshitsy, 2,5 people living in Begoml and 11,8 people living in villages.