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Dokshitsy Regional Executive Committee

Address: 31 Leninskaya Street,
Dokshytsy 211722
8 (02157) 2-10-45 from 8.00 to 21.00
8 (02157) 2-10-61

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Social Security Bodies

The labour, employment and social security department of the Dokshitsy regional executive committee carries out the state policy in the sphere of labour, retirement benefits, social and demographic security. The department also coordinates the activities of other regional and municipal bodies in this field.

To improve the social security the region set up the state-run social organization “Territorial centre of social services to the population of the Dokshitsy region”. 

A department for twenty-four hour stay of lonely elderly people was founded at the centre.  In line with the resolution of the regional executive committee the 25-bed department was opened in 2004 in the Sitsy hospital.