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Investment attractiveness

Agriculture is the leading branch of the district's economy. It comprises 11 agricultural companies, including 4 joint-stock companies, 6 unitary enterprises, the agricultural branch Begomlsky of OAO Vitebskdrev, and 8 farmers.

The agricultural companies manage 69,044 hectares of farmlands, including 37,824 hectares of arable lands. The evaluation index of the farmlands is 27.3 while that of arable lands is 28.1.

Most of the companies specialize in milk and meat production and boast well-developed production of cereals, rapeseed, flax, and potato. The agricultural company KUP Dokshitsky specializes in growing vegetables (cucumbers, marrows, onions, beet roots, carrots, cabbages, dill, sorrel, squash seeds, pumpkin seeds).

Sales of the Extra grade milk and Premium grade milk constitute 90% of the total milk sales in the district. The agricultural companies with milking parlors produce 100% of the Extra grade milk. There are plans to build six more dairy farms of the kind in the future.

The district's production sector comprises three organizations: Dokshitsky khlebozavod, which is a branch of the national unitary enterprise Vitebskkhlebprom, the national unitary enterprise Begomlsky zavod Vetraz, the Dokshitsy district unitary housing and utilities sector enterprise Dokshitsy-kommunalnik. Apart from that, there is the manufacturing division of OAO Lepel Tinned Milk Factory and a branch of the enterprise RPU Dokshitsyraigaz.

Dokshitsy District enterprises manufacture bread and bakery products, confectionery, drinking water, sawn timber, elevator equipment components, nails, extract and process peat, make other products. Raw materials are available for a blast chilling enterprise.

Catering to the population are 186 outlets, with the sales area of 13,740 square meters, including 102 consumer cooperatives shops and 84 private outlets.
The public catering system comprises 22 facilities for 1,121 seats, including 753 seats by the Dokshitsy District Consumer Cooperatives Union, 80 seats by private establishments, and 288 in proprietary corporate establishments.

In the district the civil engineering enterprises are DKUSP Dokshitskaya PMK-52, road maintenance and construction depot No. 180 of the enterprise KUP Vitebskobldorstroi, the melioration systems enterprise Dokshitskoye PMS, branch No. 1 of RUP ZhKKh Dokshitsy-kommunalnik.

Located in the district are the Borovoye sanatorium and the Lesnoye sanatorium, which are always glad to welcome clients and offer a wide range of services.

The natural conditions in Dokshitsy District create a favorable environment for further development and accomplishment of vacation spots not only for Belarus citizens but also for foreign citizens.

Located in the district is the institution Dokshitsy District Organizational Structure of the national state public association Belarusian Hunting and Fishing Society as well as the state-run forestry enterprise Begomlsky leskhoz that have hunting farms.

The area of the hunting farm of the Belarusian Hunting and Fishing Society is 125,000 hectares, including 47,100 hectares of forests, 72,600 hectares of fields, and 5,100 hectares of water and swamp areas.

In 2012 the number of registered hunted animals stood at 330 elks, 15 deer, 550 hogs, 500 roes, 74 great grouses, 360 black grouses, and 357 beavers.

In 2011-2012 the number of licensed animals stood at 16 elks, 220 hogs, 70 roes, 2 great grouses, and 100 beavers.

A well-furnished chalet for hunters and fishermen for 11 people (5 one bed rooms and 3 twin bed rooms) is located on the shore of a lake in the village of Komaisk. It has a bathhouse, a sauna, boats, and catamarans. Fishing bridges and open-air cages for wild animals are available.

The area of the hunting farm of the forestry enterprise Begomlsky leskhoz is 38,300 hectares, including 27,800 hectares of forests, 10,000 hectares of fields, and 400 hectares of water and swamp areas.

In 2012 the number of registered hunted animals stood at 87 elks, 105 deer, 440 hogs, 362 roes, 66 great grouses.
The forestry enterprise also has a hunter lodge for five. The lodge is equipped with a shower cabin, hot water. It is located on the shore of a water reservoir. There are plans to open two more lodges in 2012.

Hunting services of the organization put efforts into feeding animals, arranging summer and winter shooting towers, and protecting the hunting grounds.

All kinds of hunting are performed in accordance with existing rules and periods.

We hope that the establishment of friendly relations will contribute to the development of foreign economic ties in the area of culture, general education, tourism, the establishment of trade relations and the implementation of joint investment projects. The district administration assists with the deployment, startup, and further development of any business in the district. We are interested in encouraging production sector in all branches of the economy. We intend to create comfortable conditions for the development of tourism business and cultural enrichment of the residents. We are ready for a dialogue about concrete proposals and ideas.

We treasure partnering relations and do our best to make them honest, long-lasting and mutually beneficial.

In 2006, investments in economy and social sphere of the Dokshitsy region made up Br48.844 million, or 11.4% up from the previous year. Investment into manufacturing facilities amounted to Br27.406 million, what accounts for 56% of the total investments.

The utilization of investment by branch:
- industry - Br839 million, 1.8% of the total volume
- housing construction – Br7.288 million (14.%)
- transport and communications - Br2.747 million (5.6%),
- healthcare, physical education and social security - Br6.881 million (14.1%)
- agriculture - Br11.780 million (24.1%).

The main source of investing is the consolidated budget (49.8%). The role of banking loans has been increasing (18%) and financial assets of legal entities (19%).

In 2007, the region is set to meet the target to attract Br61,3 billion worth of capital investments (an increase by 15.2% from 2006) by means of implementing such investment projects as

- development of the agro-towns Parafjanovo and Sitsy;
- construction of a fuel pellet shop at Vitebskoye company;
- housing construction
- major repairs of the cinema hall Iskra

- construction of a school in the village of Torguny, major repairs of educational establishments, purchasing computers

- purchasing machines, equipment, vehicles, etc.

- modernizing village cultural palaces and public amenities centres

- building access roads to the houses in the rural area

- developing the engineering network of the 45-apartment house of Housing Society #5 in Polevogo Street in the settlement of Dokshitsy and others.

In 2007, the investments in the production sphere will increase mainly due to own funds of the companies and bank loans, those in the nonproduction sphere – due to the budget sources, credit resources and own funds of the population.

This year the region will invest into the production sphere to upgrade, retool and reequip production facilities, to renew technologies in order to create a necessary basis for enhancing competitive power and efficiency of companies.

One of the main areas of promoting investment activities will be development of the settlements of Dokshitsy and Begoml.