Dokshitsy Regional Executive Committee

Address: 31 Leninskaya Street,
Dokshytsy 211722
8 (02157) 3-25-10 from 8.00 to 17.00
8 (02157) 3-25-11

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The industrial sector of the Dokshitsy district includes such enterprises as the Dokshitsy district unitary enterprise of housing and communal services "Dokshitsy-kommunalnik", a branch of the open joint-stock company "Vitebskhlebprom" Dokshitsy bakery, the open joint-stock company "Vetraz Plant", which produces components for elevators.Also, the production of industrial products is carried out by the Begomlsky forestry enterprise, a branch of the Vitebsk Production Department for the extraction and processing of peat of the Vitebskoblgaz Unitary Enterprise.The defining activities in industry are the production of bakery and confectionery products (11.5%), the production of machinery and equipment (37%), woodworking (33.8%), and services provided by housing and communal services (17.7%).