Dokshitsy Regional Executive Committee

Address: 31 Leninskaya Street,
Dokshytsy 211722
8 (02157) 2-10-45 from 8.00 to 21.00
8 (02157) 2-10-61

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There are 12 agricultural companies, two auxiliary companies, Dokshitsy raiagroservis (regional agricultural service) and 14 farms. The total area of agricultural lands makes up 64.629 hectares, of them 36.583 hectares of arable lands, 27.707 hectares of meadows. The areas sown with grain crops and leguminous plants is 15.550 hectares, 432 hectares sown with potatoes, 180 hectares with flax, 2.900 hectares with rape seeds, 40 hectares with vegetables.

The average level of fertility is estimated at 27.5 points.

As of august 1, 2007 the livestock numbered 35.087 head, including 11.065 cows. The hog numbers are 10.945 head. The regional agricultural industry specializes in dairy and meat production, grain, beet and potato growing.