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17 September 2020
The strategy of economic development of organizations and the priorities of managers' work became the objects of special attention when the chairman of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Nikolai Sherstnev made personnel decisions.
16 September 2020
Improvement issues should be resolved with the active participation of local residents. This opinion was expressed by the Presidential Aide - Inspector for Vitebsk Oblast Anatoly Linevich following a direct telephone line and personal reception of citizens in Shumilino.
15 September 2020
Accreditation of mass media for participation in the oblast festival-fair of village workers "Dazhynki-2020" in Vitebsk and Vitebsk region is carried out by the main department of ideological work and youth affairs of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee.
14 September 2020
The enterprises of the housing and communal services of the oblast are trying to do everything possible to keep the houses and institutions warm and comfortable during the heating season. At heat supply facilities, equipment and heating networks were tested, preventive maintenance of equipment for boiler houses and central heating points was carried out, all boilers and boilers were cleaned, steel boilers were overhauled, and most uneconomical boilers were replaced.
11 September 2020
The industrial complex of Vitebsk Oblast provides a positive dynamics in the volume of production, the economy committee of the Oblast Executive Committee reported. In July, production in comparable prices increased by 7% compared to July last year. As a result, in January-July, the industrial production index increased by 1.5 percentage points compared to the same period in 2019.
10 September 2020
A new road with a length of 860 m was put into operation in the engineering and transport infrastructure of Vitebsk. The road, being a continuation of Stroiteley Avenue on the section from P. Brovka Street to Korotkevich Street, has three lanes in each direction. Cycling and walking paths are provided. There are also public transport stops. The commissioning of the road will make life much easier for the residents of the 40,000th young district of Bilevo.