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15 May 2024

BelTA to showcase Parallel Worlds project in Moscow on 18 May

BelTA’s Parallel Worlds project will be on display at the Business and Cultural Center of the Belarusian embassy in Moscow on 18 May.

The Parallel Worlds project features 17 posters which depict the footage from the news agency's archives and documents of the Belarusian State Archive of Cine, Photo and Audio Records, which reflect two worlds: the world of the state which is creation and development and the world of the opposition that is destruction and degradation.

The exhibition was first showcased on the viewing platform of the National Library. The exhibition was visited by more than 8,000 people in a span of five days. Then, the project was on display at Minsk Automobile Plant, Belarusian State University, the Presidential Library of Belarus, and Stolitsa Shopping Mall.

“The exhibition features 17 posters, 17 reflections on two worlds and reasons to think. When selecting photos for the project, we first of all analyzed what has been done in our country by the authorities over the last three decades and what has happened to the opposition over these years. In fact, these photos are nothing but our history, the history of Belarus of the past 30 years. They depict the way of the country’s development, creation, preservation and multiplication on one side and the way of destruction and degradation on the other,” BelTA Director General Irina Akulovich said.

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