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22 April 2024

Minister: Promising agro-towns in Belarus will be as comfortable as cities

Within seven years, the living environment in all promising agricultural towns in Belarus will be as good as in cities, Housing and Utilities Minister Gennady Trubilo told the STV TV channel, BelTA has learned.

“Unfortunately, we overlooked this type of communities [small settlements]. The emphasis is mainly placed on large cities, district centers. And somehow, agricultural towns have always been left out. The head of state pointed this out,” said Gennady Trubilo.

According to him, a program has been developed to bring the road network in promising agricultural towns into shape. Such a program for 2024 has already been finalized.

“Over the course of seven years, we plan to gradually, step by step, bring improvements to each promising agricultural town, so that these settlements will have the same kind of amenities as cities,” the minister noted.

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