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6 March 2024

Miklashevich: New Constitution is a guarantee of Belarus’ progressive development

The updated Constitution is a guarantee of progressive constitutional development of the Republic of Belarus in the long term. This is the introductory part of the address to the Belarusian president and the National Assembly “On the state of constitutional legitimacy in the Republic of Belarus” which was voiced by chairman of the Constitutional Court of Belarus Piotr Miklashevich on 5 March, BelTA has learned.

“The updated Constitution is a guarantee of progressive constitutional development of the Republic of Belarus for the long-term perspective. It defines the model of the modern Belarusian state: the state is based on the will of the people, expresses the will of the people, functions in the interests of the people,” the introductory part of the address reads. “This constitutional guideline obliges government bodies, officials, social and political institutions in their creative activity to proceed from the will of the people and act for the benefit of the people and, serving the progress of society and the state, to contribute in every possible way to the achievement of the most important constitutional goals, which are peace and civil accord, wellbeing of citizens, inviolability of the people's power, independence and prosperity of the Republic of Belarus.

The Constitution, the basic law of the state, is the life-giving basis of the national law: its norms carry the organizing principle, ensure unity and interrelation, balance and harmonious development of all components of the legal system, Piotr Miklashevich said. Having a huge regulatory potential, the Constitution finds its continuation in the laws, determines their meaning, content and vectors of improvement of legal regulation of the most important social relations, he emphasized.

“Constitutionalization of legislation, consistent development of values, principles and norms of the Constitution in the provisions of laws and subordinate normative legal acts make a constitutional-legal basis for building a sovereign democratic social state based on the rule of law. The conclusions and decisions of the Constitutional Court reveal the multifaceted content of constitutional principles and norms, emphasize the necessity of their observance in the legal provision of dynamic development of society and the state,” Piotr Miklashevich added.

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