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14 March 2024

Belarus’ lower house of parliament of seventh convocation passes 364 bills

The House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the seventh convocation has already passed 364 bills, said Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko during the All-Belarus campaign “We are citizens of Belarus!”, BelTA has learned.

According to the speaker, the House of Representatives has a good tradition of meeting with young people - school and university students and others - who will soon shape the future of the country. Today's event is of particular importance as it is taking place on the eve of one of the most important holidays – the Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus.

“Here, in the Oval Hall, we pass the most important laws regulating life in the Republic of Belarus,” Vladimir Andreichenko noted addressing the young people. “The House of Representatives passes 80-90 bills a year. Members of the seventh convocation have already passed 364 bills. The work that members of the House of Representatives do is very extensive, demanding and responsible.”

The speaker solemnly handed over to the children their first adult document - a passport.

The patriotic initiative (All-Belarus campaign “We are citizens of Belarus!”) was proposed by the BRSM Youth Union in 2004. Over the years, it has become very popular with young people and is rightfully considered one of important traditions of our country. The passport handover ceremony highlights the transition of teenagers into adulthood and helps them better understand that they have now become full-fledged citizens of Belarus who have responsibility to honor the country and its laws.

Constitution Day is celebrated in Belarus  on 15 March. The constitution defines how the country is run and sets out the rules by which the society should live; it guarantees fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, lays out the foundations of a democratic rule-of-law welfare state. It is also an important factor in the formation of civil and national identity of Belarusians.

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