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Dokshitsy Regional Executive Committee
Main / Economy / Investment proposals / Development of farm tourism is in village Yanuki, Dokshitsy region

Development of farm tourism is in village Yanuki, Dokshitsy region

Investment offer

  • General information

Project name: Development of farm tourism is in village Yanuki, Dokshitsy region
Project location: a village Yanuki, Dokshitsy region
Company full name (project initiator): Dokshitsy Regional Executive Committee
Registration date:

  • Domestic market

Current trends of the sector:

  • Market capacity: $ 3000 ths;
  • Key market players:
  • Government regulation (price control, licensing, etc.):
  • Project description:

Product description:

  • Main consumers: citizens of the Republic of Belarus, Foreign nationals
  • Main competitors: with an analogical spectrum services are not present
  • Production distribution channel: directly to the consumer

Total investment: $ 813 ths., including capital expenditures: $ 813 ths.

Financing requirement for investor: $ 813 ths.

Type of investor participation:
% of shares purchase;

          % of authorized fund purchase;

          joint venture creation;

  X       other: complete financing of project

Investment structure:
  X   Research and development;

  X    Construction;

        Preparation for production;

        Equipment and license purchase;

 X       Real estate purchase;

         Replenishment of current assets;


Necessity of  import:

         Raw material;

         Production techniques;

         Component parts;


Expected performance indicators:

  • The expected geographic structure of export is as follows:
  • Expected number of employees for the project realization: 20
  • Other important indicators: building of wooden guesthouses for tourists, bath-saunas with  mini-pools, mini-café for 24 seats.
  • Competitive advantages:


Infrastructure available:
  X    Railway lines and roads

        Warehouses, logistical terminals

 X    Possibility to expand production and install additional facilities

       Possibility to create the necessary infrastructure via state budgetary financing


Degree of production availability (available industrial area, land allocation, other): program of revival and development of  village Yanuki, Dokshitsy region is worked out, equipping with modern amenities of territoru is conducted.
Strategic competitive advantages:
 X    Dominance at the domestic market;

       Complexity of the technological process;

       Logistical advantages;

       Experienced management;

        Price factor;


Investor’s benefits:
 X      Market entry;

       Access to large contract works;

       Participation in the procedure of public purchases;

 X      Local raw materials;

X      Benefits granted;


  • Preliminary indicators of project efficiency:

Sales revenue, without VAT (after reaching the estimated capacity):
Pay-back period (in years):
Dynamic pay-back period (in years):
Internal rate of return (IRR)
Net present value (NPV)

  • Contacts:

Person responsible for the project (name, position): Misochenko Alexei, deputy Chairman of Regional Executive Committee
Telephone: +375 29 133 31 16;  +375 2157 2 13 45
Fax: +375 2157 2 22 25
Date of investment offer completion: 01.02.2013