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Dokshitsy Regional Executive Committee
Main / Economy / Investment proposals / Investment offer BEREZINO

Investment offer BEREZINO

Investment offer

  • General information

Project name: Development of agrarian ecological tourism complex is in _____ Dokshitsy district
Project location: -------------------------
Company full name (project initiator): Dokshitsy regional unitary enterprise of housing and communal service “Dokshitsy-communal”
Ownership: district community property
Registration date: 27 november  1996 year

  • Domestic market

Current trends of the sector:

  • Market capacity: $ 3000 ths;
  • Key market players:
  • Government regulation (price control, licensing, etc.):
  • Project description:

Product description:

  • Main consumers: with an analogical spectrum services are not present
  • Main competitors:
  • Production distribution channel: directly to the consumer

Total investment: $ 200 ths., including capital expenditures: $ 200 ths.

Financing requirement for investor: $ 200 ths.

Type of investor participation:
X     50 % of shares purchase;

          % of authorized fund purchase;

  X       joint venture creation;

  X       other: complete financing of project

Investment structure:
      Research and development;

  X    Construction;

  X    Preparation for production;

  X    Equipment and license purchase;

        Real estate purchase;

 X       Replenishment of current assets;


Necessity of  import:

         Raw material;

         Production techniques;

         Component parts;


Expected performance indicators:

  • The expected geographic structure of export is as follows:
  • Expected number of employees for the project realization: 15
  • Other important indicators: building reconstruction is offered under an entertaining center, that plugs in itself a hotel, café, game machines, casino, bowling, equestrianism, parking place for cars. Unique place for organization of domestic rest, rest in the company of friends, turn of day off. There is possibility to organize landing of vegetables, fruit, take up breeding of home animals and birds on an area, in subsequent to use the grown products for realization to the guests of farmstead
  • Competitive advantages:

Infrastructure available:
  X    Railway lines and roads

        Warehouses, logistical terminals

 X    Possibility to expand production and install additional facilities

       Possibility to create the necessary infrastructure via state budgetary financing


Degree of production availability (available industrial area, land allocation, other): brick two-storeyed building by an area 434,9 sq.m. on the stage of suggestion
Strategic competitive advantages:
 X    Dominance at the domestic market;

       Complexity of the technological process;

       Logistical advantages;

       Experienced management;

        Price factor;


Investor’s benefits:
 X      Market entry;

       Access to large contract works;

       Participation in the procedure of public purchases;

 X      Local raw materials;

 X      Benefits granted;


  • Preliminary indicators of project efficiency:

Sales revenue, without VAT (after reaching the estimated capacity):
Pay-back period (in years):
Dynamic pay-back period (in years):
Internal rate of return (IRR)
Net present value (NPV)

  • Contacts:

Person responsible for the project (name, position): Misachenka Aliaksei, deputy Chairman of Regional Executive Committee
Telephone: +375 29 133 31 16;  +375 2157 2 13 45
Fax: +375 2157 2 22 25
Date of investment offer completion: 10 juli 2012 year