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The harvesting campaign in Vitebsk Oblast is almost over: 99% of the field area, or 343.3 thousand hectares of grain and legumes, has been harvested, the Agriculture and Food Committee of the Oblast Executive Committee said. Sharkovshchina, Miory, Rossony, Postavy and Verkhnedvinsk regions have completely coped with the stubble. In total, on the morning of September 17, 5 thousand hectares of fields remained to be removed in the rest of the oblast. “This is almost a day - two harvests, so this week we plan to complete the stubble harvest completely,” the committee stated.

477 boiler houses of the oblast's housing and communal services system, or 94.3%, received certificates of readiness for work in the off-season. Work on the rest of the facilities is underway. The deadline for their completion is September 30, however, the oblast intends to handle it earlier.

A ten-meter arch with the coat of arms of Vitebsk is being erected near the railway station for the oblast festival-fair of village workers "Dazhynki-2020", the city's capital construction department reported.

The protesters in Belarus do not have the most important thing, which is the unity in political goals, famous Russian journalist, blogger, historian and writer Armen Gasparyan said in an interview with ONT TV channel, BelTA has learned.

The Lithuanian parliament's resolution on the safety of the Belarusian nuclear power plant is yet another attempt to interfere in Belarus' domestic affairs and contributes to growing tensions in interstate relations, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Energy Ministry. According to the source, the document aims to achieve purely political goals. The safety of the Belarusian nuclear power plant has become a matter of constant speculations for certain political forces in Lithuania, an...
Mass protest actions, which are staged in Belarus by outside forces, are designed to paralyze the country, BelTA learned from Kenneth Fernandes, a Canadian political consultant, a bachelor of law. The consultant believes that the carefully planned series of protests is financed by shady foreign funds. They and certain other organizations are directly involved in the implementation of such coups in other countries as well. Unfortunately, multiple tools for inciting violence are used in...